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Reviews of the duo with Manuel Barrueco

"Truly a fruitful collaboration between these artists, resulting in the biggest instrumental cohesion, an absolute sound control, and above all, a pure musical identification, reached after a conscientious study of textures, phrasing..." -Diario Cordoba - Spain

"Virtuosity was in abundance on both guitars, asserting the influence and relevance of classical music. Barrueco and Platino tuned their strings and offered a program which included the Fantasia by Fernando Sor; Spanish Dance no. 11 Zambra, no. 2 Oriental, and no. 6 Jota by Granados; parts of Cantos de Espaᠢy Albeniz, and Tango Suite by the Italian Piazzolla." -ABC National Newpaper-Spain

"During the concert, both Barrueco and Platino gave a sample of replica watches uk their perfect technique, their pure style and their mutual understanding, which brought about a personal and musical symbiosis on a small stage, which, far from great pretenses, gave way to a warm and intimate atmosphere. -La Cronica - Cordoba- Spain

"Both concert artists sparkled with elegance in the whole repertoire, especially in the interpretation of one of the great composers of the 19th century Spanish music Albeniz, Cantos de Espaᬠin which the most internal corners and songs of Spain are evoked." -La Cronica -
Cordoba- Spain

"Like four hands on one imaginary gigantic guitar, they played as though they were one man. The seamless-ness of their musical unity was so complete that over long stretches it seemed almost academic." -Trierisher Volksfreund -

Solo Reviews

"Platino's interpretation will stand as a high standard for any musician." -
Guitar Review , USA, by Micah Scoville

"... Platino offered a beautiful, memorable rendition [of the Chaconne, by J.S. Bach], with flawless technique and sensitive, involved nuance. Skill and timing, as well as that superb technique, were in evidence throughout the imaginatively planned recital." - Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, USA, by Sarah Bryan Miller

"This is guitar playing at its best, musically alert, sensitive to the flute's demands, able to apply the player's own considerable powers of imagination..." - Classical Guitar, UK

"Platino brought an unfailingly elegant sense of rolex replica phrasing as well a beguiling rhythmic elasticity...All evening Platino communicated deeply with the guitar, made it sing and sigh. It's easy to understand why he has been steadily building an international solo career." - The Sun,
Baltimore, MD, by Tim Smith

"This is one of the finest records of guitar playing I have encountered in many years. It is of star quality in every respect and, given the stylistic range and difficulty of the music, that is an accolade not to be taken lightly." -
Gramophone, UK, by John Duarte

"Franco Platino has been the revelation of the breitling replica Convention... the recording in question is of very high musical and technical quality which allows us to foresee a future of great success for this young Italian artist. Platino has delighted the public with a solid, diamond-like performance of three Sonatas by Scarlatti" -
Seicorde, Italy

" ...Platino's virtuoso contrapuntal technique and luscious phrasing suggest he is an heir to the mantle of
Segovia." - The Washington Post, USA, By L. Peat O'Neil

"Platino's playing is certainly far from ordinary... He is consistently musical and technically in command regardless of the circumstances." -
Soundboard, USA, by James Reid

"...a model debut from an outstanding young guitarist who gives every indication of having the capacity to build on his early success." -
Classical Guitar, UK, by Paul Fowels

"Franco Platino expresses his superiority very clearly, by choosing high
level masterpieces for his first CD, the kind of pieces that present the
ultimate limit to the repertoire of most guitarists."
- Gitarre & Laute, Germany

"[Franco Platino] reveals himself to be of an astonishing maturity; confidence and sensitivity come together here in a presence that communicates energy and emotion - what else could we ask for?" - Les Cahiers de la Guitare et
de la Musique, France

"The Scarlatti's stylistic flow, the elegance and fluency of the Bach, and the expressiveness of the Mertz and Barrios are excellent." -
Gendai Guitar, Japan

"Performances absolutely on focus, unquestionably professional in the impeccable cascades of notes discharged with complete ease and clarity. As a matter of fact, the first and most striking merit of this guitarist is the dominion of the instrument, his technical mastery."
Seicorde, Italy

"A brilliant debut recording on the
Naxos Laureate Series by Italian guitarist Franco Platino... Platino has a beautiful sound and plays with crisp articulation and sensitive phrasing. An extremely expressive player, his virtuosity is apparent but never pushed. - American Record Guide, USA

"Platino demonstrated sound musicianship and Romantic 'sensibilities' and had technique to spare. His scales were outstanding, his Barrios excellent... I would go out of my way to hear [Platino] play again." -
Soundboard, by Richard Long

"The CD of the young Sardinian guitarist is in fact a pleasure both for the ears and heart thanks to the delightful program and the magisterial interpretations he proposes. ...we would like to formulate our wishes for a brilliant concert and recording career to the young Italian artist." -
Fronimo, Italy

"...Platino demonstrates the cultivated and musical expression he is capable of. He even masters rapid changes in tempo, complicated runs, and rasgueados with profound expression and sovereignty. Technical difficulties seem to be nonexistent for him... His interpretation will suck you in..." -
Klassik Heute, Germany, by Andreas Poar

"The superb new recording by Franco Platino is full of life. His Scarlatti is bright and sparkling, his Bach shows his depth and understanding of the music, and his Rodrigo brings out his virtuosity. Franco is a brilliant young player who has reached maturity early in his life. He is an exciting new star in the guitar world." -
--David Russell

"This CD, prize of the 1997 GFA competition, is a recital which ranges from Baroque to Twentieth Century illustrating the excellent capabilities of this young performer." -
Guitart, Italy,